Are you *fully* living your purpose? Have you made the shift completely yet? If not, we're going to work with the current energies of transformation swirling around us to move more fully into our Spiritual gifts and mission. We'll talk about the North and South Nodes (yours and current transits) that are activating the energy of ascension in all of us.

This is a powerful time of transformation but I think what some of us aren't aware of: we have to *work* with the energies in order to fully live a life on purpose. We won't fully activate if we are in the energy of *this is happening to me* and let it go at that.

As you know, *both* the masculine energy of action and the feminine energy of allowing BOTH must be present (in effect, your personal Divine Union) for this shift into the 5d/Quantum world to take place. If you feel held back, unclear and in anyway, *not quite activated* this is the session for you. In this workshop, we will:

  • I'll share with you the biggest mistakes most of us make that hold us back in our ascension journey (& how to realign them)
  • We'll then assess where we are now (current astrological transits) and look at our own journeys (through the lens of North and South Node, Chiron and other placements)
  • we'll create a roadmap for activation & realize how we might implement our mission
  • Finally, we'll talk about the Quantum field and how to access this powerful manifestation tool