Your Moon sign is your true feelings, your deeply held convictions and when someone connects with you, your Moon is usually involved, although you might be the only one who feels its subtle, guiding energy. Your Moon also reveals you -- what you fear most, your deepest desires, your internal conversation. Your North Node is also known as a "lunar node" and holds the keys to your mission and path in this lifetime. And your Progressed Moon sign shows just how far you've come and the energy you'll need to keep fueling your journey to the core of your desires. 

Diving deep into the Moon with this class, we'll discover how all of these Moon energies conspire to move you forward -- almost nothing else holds the power of the Moon. The key to activating and using Moon energy: bring it out into the light, inspect it, ask questions and wear it like a badge of honor. Those who try to hide it are likely to have it burst forth at the most inopportune times. 

We'll cover:

  • Your Moon sign (at birth), North/South Lunar Nodes, your Progressed Moon and how they conspire to reveal *the real you*
  • How to work with New Moon & Full Moon Rituals (for all signs) and how to activate your Moon energy on the New Moon, the Full Moon (and everything in between) to bring in love and abundance of all kinds
  • How to activate the powerful Eclipse Season and how you can use this energy to manifest the life of your deepest hopes and dreams

**This is a self paced class that does not expire. You are free to view the class materials whenever you like, as often as you like.