You're starting to go deeper in your Tarot practice. You are reading for yourself and maybe others but there's *one* piece of the puzzle (maybe two or three?) that seems out of reach. Based on your experiences, your questions during the Tarot Course and your feedback, I'm going to step into this breach! With these sessions, I zeroed in on the most *vexing* questions, the most frequently discussed stumbling blocks and just the blind spots that keep you from deepening your Tarot Intuitive sense.

Session 1: How to Tell Who is Who in a Tarot Reading: Ever wondered "who's who?" in a Tarot reading? If you get turned around by the appearance of two queens or lots of fire and water energy or if you and your person are both Sagittarius, this is the session for you. I will also address understanding general readings and watching readings by other people and how to decipher this critical message of *who's who* Spirit is trying to send you. 

Session 2: When will *this* happen? Timing in Tarot OK - you're great at understanding the story and can see what's happening or about to happen but *when?* and how do you know if this is a past/present/or future reading? We'll go through a few different methods of telling time and you can choose your favorite! 

September - How to Get The Most Accurate Reading, Every. Single. Time. This is perhaps the most frequently asked question -- but no one knows they're asking it. At the end of the day, don't you want to tap in and give the most accurate readings you possibly can? Don't you want to shine your magic for yourself and others? In this session, I'll share with you my own tips for accurate readings and storytelling with your Tarot Deck.

These sessions are self-paced and include downloadable/printable spreads to use for practice.