Chiron is an asteroid and sits in a House and a Sign in your birth chart -- it's also your SuperPower. This placement holds powerful information for you as a Spiritual teacher, healer or guide. It shows you your unhealed wound and by becoming aware of the Chiron wound, and working toward healing it, you then transform into the teacher of that medicine. One of your gifts resides deep in this wound and it is on your path to heal it and teach the rest of us what you did to transform.

In this class, we’ll be working with this Chiron wound.

  • Before the live session, you’re expected to go through the basic class information on Chiron and familiarize yourself with your own particular placement.
  • Then, work through the workbook for yourself.
  • In the LIVE session, we’ll talk about Chiron as your *Superpower* and work with ways to harness this energy.

I’ll give you practical tools to help you embrace this power and step into your destiny as a teacher, healer or a guide of this particular medicine. 

This is a recorded, self-paced class. There is no expiration date to access to the material.