Activate Your Mission and Purpose: Working with & Harnessing the Power of Your North Node

Your path in this life has changed, thanks to your Spiritual Awakening. Everything and everyone seems different. So…now what? You’re excited to *get growing* but there is one thing…’d like to know the purpose of it all. Your purpose. What are you here to do? What impact are you here to make? This is where your North Node comes into play. This class is for those who are open and curious about what their mission is — you’ll receive the recorded Basics Course and are expected to watch and review that material. With that material, and to get the most out of this class, you’ll need to fill out your workbook.

I’ll give you a process with which you can *work* on understanding your mission and how it may manifest in your life.

  • Come to the workshop with intention to receive the process, the messages and guidance you need to “work your mission” 
  • You’ll receive a critical tool to learn to trust your Intuition - Wisdom Path vs. Woe Path
  • In these sessions, you’ll learn the process you can integrate in your life that will help you *activate* your Mission & a process to be aware of and work with self-limiting beliefs
  • The critical importance of incremental progress: What steps can you take today? Tomorrow? 

*The North Node Basics Self-paced Class is included in the cost of this class*

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