Opening up to your Spiritual Awakening and path can be a confusing and often frustrating series of events...unless you have a roadmap. 

In this self paced course, I'll take you on a tour of each stage of Spiritual Awakening, what you can expect and how to more easily navigate through. While the path can be challenging, some parts of it are exhilarating and thrilling! Let's make the most of what your soul has contracted for you. 

We'll cover: all the stages of awakening, tools for making the best of each stage, how to recognize the gifts that are at the core of each stage and long will the Dark Night of the Soul last, anyway?? 

You'll come away with your roadmap....and a compass. The most exciting part? At the end of this circuitous path: a robust understanding of your Life's Mission (including some astrology and numerology work to provide additional information on where you're headed).