Spiritual Awakening brings lots of choices to our door & your astrological birth chart holds the keys to navigating a life filled with purpose. Though your Karmic Pathway can be fraught with seemingly endless potholes and cul-de-sacs, you don't have to get stuck in them.

To that end, we've grouped together a set of courses taught to help you navigate the winds of change in your life to successfully bring in love and abundance of all types.

Your North Node is your mission & purpose in this life, understanding this placement helps you to embrace the gifts that are destined for you to step into.

Your Chiron is your Wounded Healer, and working with this energy brings you hidden gifts and talents you never knew existed. Working with all of these astrological placements brings power & sovereignty to any life well-lived. 

Classes included in the Karmic Pathway Bundle:

  • Working with your North Node: Activate Your Mission and Purpose
  • Birth Chart Basics
  • Activating Your Karmic Mission
  • Working with (and Harnessing the Power of) CHIRON Class: Activating Your Superpower


  • All classes included in the Karmic Pathway Bundle are recorded, self paced classes that can be completed on your schedule.
  • There is no expiration on access to these classes. You can take as long as needed to complete.