What have the past 30 years taught us about economic insecurity? That every few years, we can experience a sudden loss of our primary source of income. The third time this happened to me, I said "enough is enough!" and I began reading and wondering how to create more economic security in my own life. That was 2008, when the banks fell off a cliff, and I lost my job. I was already interested in Astrology, Numerology & Tarot - enough to spend a whole lifetime talking about it - but how could I make the money I needed and not run myself into the ground doing it? I did start a business -- but not in those disciplines. Instead, I learned more about them and I came across the term "Passive Income." I read everything I could and thus began my quest: I would get three or more plates spinning in the air, all of which took time to develop, but by the time the primary income started to wane or become boring (hint: the Law of Attraction's clue that you're needing to shift to keep up with your Soul's Purpose) I would have money coming in from several places. Without a doubt, anyone who's ever held a Corporate job knows: they can lay you off at any time with little or no warning. On top of this, you might feel pulled away from that life altogether but you don't know how to get it all going. In this *special* workshop - I'm going to share with you exactly what I did to get things rolling. How I did it and how I created an 8-level multiple revenue model we are working with today on Soulful Revolution. Are you ready to expand your opportunities, tap into your gifts on a more robust level and really build your empire?

What I'll teach you:

  • What constitutes a flourishing *revenue stream*?
  • How to take a core skill and maximize it's return - by 8 or 10 times
  • How to expand what you're doing toward new clients and customers
  • What your audience is telling you about the way they like to learn - and how to use that to expand
  • The single most important thing I learned about this multi-level model
  • Re-shaping your core product or service in multiple ways - without re-inventing the wheel
  • Three of the biggest mistakes people make that set them back & make them discouraged (and how to avoid them)

**This is a self-paced class that you can complete at your convenience. There is no expiration date for access to the class material.**